A clean, crisp and dynamic ambience, one that would facilitate efficient operation and would yet be welcoming, engaging and playful. A space that would facilitate different ergonomically feasible work patterns, with a healthy infusion of breakout zones that would avert from the dreaded midweek monotony that work environments are often plagued by.

The office would reflect the pedigree and legacy of the company in its contours - replete with character, yet modern and flexible. This is what global insurance moguls, AXA, envisioned for their swanky, new office in the Indian City of Bangalore.

We at ANJ, designed, built, and delivered this project to not just match, but exceed these expectations. We delight in presenting to you the new office of AXA - one that will enable the good people guarding your life and wealth to do business with the meticulous precision they are renowned for!

The Design Process

- Our design process begins in close collaboration with the client, to develop a deep understanding of tastes and aspirations. We go beyond the limitations of a written brief, and endeavour to touch the realm of personal tastes, quirks and habits.

- Our layouts go beyond accomodating numbers, with meticulous attention paid to making every space memorable and distinct in character. A layout that breathes both the companies values, and ambitions going forward, will always be successful.

- We create three dimensional visualizations of the space to give a taste of the finished product, including but not limited to physical mock up models, mood-boards, and virtual and augmented reality experiences - keeping step with evolving technology.

Highlights of the AXA office

- The lines that frame our layout derive in their visual articulation from the iconic AXA logo. Aside from paying homage to the client’s legacy, this functionally helps dictate a healthy mix of clearly demarcated work zones and a multitude of colourful breakout/green areas.

- The office boasts its very own jogging track, winding its way through spaces and enveloping the work areas. An allusion to energy, being on the go, and a reminder of the adage that health is wealth, this omnipresent element infuses brilliant quirkiness to the office. We believe that all work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy!

- Earthy tones in a monochromatic palette give birth to a dynamic workmanlike background template, allowing for the quirk and colour of the furniture elements and recreation areas to take centrestage . These spines of colour visually help enforce the work-life balance that every employee yearns for.

- Work areas are designed to encourage focus and eliminate clutter, designed to minimalist and neutral shades of whites and greys. In contrast, the boardrooms that host clients and dignitaries are matched to the appropriate opulence and dynamism - never gaudy, always elegant.

- Recreational zones like the cafeteria exude a refreshing bohemian ambience, ensuring that a patron may unwind, rest, or reflect to his choice. Furniture elements, mood lighting, wallpapers and spatial volume all play a part in this experience - infusing that extra burst of intangible flavour into that steaming morning latte.

Sustainability and material use

- A high efficiency lighting system

- Rigorous indoor air quality management and circulation

- Recycled and locally sourced material use so as to curb raw material extraction

- Project constructed to optimised timelines so as to curb emissions associated with construction.

The Numbers

- Project Area - 58,000 sq. ft

- Provision for 670 staff, in addition to 24 meeting rooms, an 18 pax boardroom, a 100 pax cafeteria, digital studio and miscellaneous facilities