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The Build Advantage for your Projects from ANJ

ANJ Design and Build Teams work in perfect harmony ensuring right design, timely delivery and a finished quality product.

The Design Team has the complete liberty to design what is right for the client as they are sure that the design on the drawing board will be the executed perfectly to the last bolt.

ANJ has done heavy investment in precision German machinery in its 2 factories in Mumbai. The factory has a skilled work-force that works in tandem with the Design Team.


  •  35 + years of Build Experience
  • 2500 + Workforce
  • End-to-end Turnkey Execution
  • 50,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art Factory in Mumbai.


The combination of Design and Build under one roof ensures that you get the best in Design and Build too.

We build as our Designers design & our designers don’t fear being creative and innovative as our build team can execute exactly how it is designed.

The ANJ Factory

ANJ has done considerable investment in equipment and manpower. ANJ has installed state-of-art German precision machinery in its Factory at Kandivali.
Craftsmen are regularly trained so that perfect execution as per the drawing to the last millimeter is possible. Complete Fabrication is completed at the Factory and only installation is at the site.
Dedicated Quality Supervisors check the fabrication quality before dispatch.

Zero Fabrication at Site. The advantage is perfection in design, saving of time due to parallel working of different processes at the site, and a clean zero pollution site.
Customized but pre-fabricated furniture from the Factory is Assembled at the Site. This ensures that the site is a Green Site with zero loss of time due to VOC norms.

List of Machinery at the 50,000+ square feet Mumbai Kandivali Factory:

  • Sanding & Edge Banding Machine
  • Multi-Borer Machine
  • CNC Router (Laser Cutting)
  • Cefla Paint Booth with Robotic Arms
  • Cold / Hot Press for Veneers & Laminates


ANJ has experienced Project Managers, best of MEP Consultants & Vendors & a highly skilled & trained workforce.
ANJ’s own Factory with highly skilled craftsmen is a boon for Turnkey Build and General Contracting Projects. Architects prefer ANJ for Turnkey Projects and Contracting due to world-class execution of their designs – a proven track record since 1975.

Every ANJ Project is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.


BMC has Certified the ANJ Factory as the Cleanest and most Technologically Advanced Factory in Kandivali.

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