Change in design, layout and environment brings about change in Behaviors.

An Article by Sackthi – Our HK Design Director (Learning through Comparative Studies at ANJ) “Change in design, layout and environment brings about change in Behaviors.” Some key features especially at the entrance, such as a traditional reception desk is replaced with a coffee table or a high community table effects ambience, creates a fresh […] >>more

14 ideas
14 things that can increase office productivity by 20%

A well-designed office can increase productivity about 20% – surely a good business investment. Here are 14 simple factors that impact a home / company office: 1. Lighting 2. Chair and Table (quick ergonomic checks) 3. Clutter 4. Room Color 5. Room Temperature 6. Room Scents 7. Noise Level 8. Air Quality 9. Different Spaces […] >>more

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What is a productive workplace design?

The design of your office has a colossal influence on an employees productivity, his spirit, task efficiency and overall well being. One feels stimulated and energised in an open space with large windows, private cubicles and quiet ambience. Offices equipped with collaboration areas and gaming zones allow increased potential of the employees. The belief is […] >>more

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Redesign and usher your office into The 21st Century.

Companies and entrepreneurs have overlooked the importance of office design in the past. But, how your office appears, makes an outsized difference in the employee productivity and the culture of the company. Investing in revamp of the office interior will improve employee retention, brand recognition and achieving high levels of mental and physical health. A […] >>more

Personal Fresh Air – Plants on Worktables

Plants on Worktables – your own Personal Fresh Air Research has suggested that plants have a positive influence on the overall wellbeing and productivity of the employee. Kamal Meattle, an Indian researcher, discovered that indoor plants can grow fresh air. He did this in Delhi. This inspired Julio Radesca to grow “glorified cubicles” which provided […] >>more

Millennials are influencing Workspaces
How Millennials are influencing Workspaces?

Millennials have a tremendous influence on interior design — especially in their workplace. They prefer non-conventional “casual” workplaces, fully furnished with state-of- the-art, high technology. They favour workspaces that reflect their personalities, are pleasant to look at, and are conducive to concentration and focus. Here is an interesting article about the kinds of design trends that the millennials are […] >>more

standing desk
​ Standing Desks are not merely a trend.

Standing Desks are not merely a trend. Research suggests that standing desks are a simple way to incorporate wellness into the workplace. They also improve wellness and productivity. Here we found some tips on “How to make the best use of standing desks”. >>more

Think beyond the basic workplace.
Think beyond the basic Workplace…

Building a new office? Think beyond the basic workplace. Let’s have a look at what’s possibly driving the Design Developments in 2018? 1. Activity Based Working 2.0 2. Stepping Back from the Trends 3. Data-Driven Design 4. Design by Artificial Intelligence 5. Designing for Adaptable Workplaces 6. Designing for Physical and Psychological Well-Being 7. Beyond […] >>more

Workplace Trends & Design
Workplace Trends & Design

Here are a few office trends that you will see in ANJ Designs… We at ANJ, Design workspaces that function as per the business needs. Workplace Design helps occupants to be more efficient, productive, and inspired. For every business, staying ahead of the curve, is just as important in attracting top talent, as it is […] >>more

How the WELL Building Standard is Impacting Design.

Here is an article on how the WELL Building Standard is Impacting Design. WELL is “the world’s first building standard focused exclusively on human health and wellness.” The WELL program positions itself as a new standard in responsible construction, with benchmarks and guidelines for the design of buildings that promote the physical, emotional, and mental […] >>more

How Temperature affects your Productivity
The air temperature at your office has a strong affect on your productivity. A well respected study by Cornell University returned a result of 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) as the optimal temperature. >>more
​Choosing the Right Ergonomic Office Chair
What Kind of Ergonomic Office Chair is Best? Working in an office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting in an office chair - a position that adds stress to the structures in the spine.  >>more
Is any one office chair perfect for everyone?
As a doctor of chiropractic my main concern is the patient’s posture. Recent research has shown a direct relationship between many health problems and a forward neck posture. >>more