Open Offices

To be Open or Not

Everyone has been talking about (and building ) open offices. So we decided to understand what is the buzz all about.

Open offices have been trendy with many multinational companies and silicon valley startups encouraging transparent processes and eliminating hierarchy. This means your boss is just an elbow away, and maybe, you can share the brew he has been chugging.

The open-plan work environment lacks distinct rooms, cabins or enclosed spaces. The workstations are separated by short screens or panels. The idea is to have an exposed floor plan that aims at improving communication and collaboration among teams. Its the best team building exercise ever created.

But every trend comes with its pros and cons which we would like to discuss here.

The Positives:
– Its increases interaction. New age businesses heavily depends on collaboration and this layout breeds the same
– Eases age-old hierarchical perceptions. The CEO does not seem on a pedestal; they are one with everyone.
– The “corner office” dream is eliminated.
– Natural lighting is enchanced
– Its cost effective and flexible. You can move teams without any building cost.
– It helps in supervision. Its great for companies who like to keep things under control 

The Negatives:
– Lack of privacy is a big issue. Many anxious people and introverts don’t appreciate the same.
-The noise levels could be an issue for individuals. In fact a study by Steelcase and Ipsos showed employees missed an average of 86 minutes of productive time leading to noise in open layouts.
– Bacterial infection could be another issue with open designs. Study shows that these spaces are breeding grounds for bacterial infections leading to ailments. 

In the end, every architectural decision has different perspective. You need to evaluate based on your team strength, available area and budget.The perfect mix of these three factors would help you opt or back out from open office spaces.

After all office layouts are designed to benefit your team and eventually increase productivity. In case you can’t make a decision we are always here to help.