Office Design Trends to Watch out!

It’s the age of the millennials. With changing technology and market landscapes its crucial to design office spaces that accommodate both. The new  generation is looking for a sense of purpose in their career while contributing to the greater good. Designers need to create spaces that encourage them.

Here are some design trends that could help achieve it.

Get the outdoors inside!

With people spending more than 10 hours at the workplace there is an inherent need to bring the outdoors inside. The utility of natural materials is on a rise with the ethical-design wave picking momentum. The clever construction of “living walls” add an element of nature in brick-and-mortar settings. Finally its about productive well-being which is shown to increase with natural elements in the workplace.

Design for the people

The best offices are those that are people-centric. The priority is to create happy workplaces that exudes positivity. Many designers are closely working with their clients to understand their employee’s needs and mind-sets before they hit the drawing table. This helps in offering customised design solutions that are like none other. Stimulating design will go a long way.

Aping natural elements
With growing consciousness about the environment Biophilic design is gaining a lot of buzz and those who leverage it would design for the future. Modern architects and designers are working towards products and spaces that offer positive biophilic responses. Research shows increase of productivity by 200%.

Adaptable Layouts 

Adaptable design is a must. We need to build office spaces that adapt to space constraints and business growth. New age design should adapt to changing requirements. Your choice of office furniture is important in such cases. Designers even need to consider integrated technology by building wireless spaces and accommodating new age gadgets.
Modern office spaces need to reflect the cultural and technological changes.It is also about understanding the needs and aspirations of new age businesses. After all good design is not trendy but the one that works for the greater good!