It’s smart! New offices are implementing Activity Based Designs.

Recent studies and reports have revealed that companies are favouring open workplace environments – Offices are being designed in such a way as to integrate collective “activity-based” projects. Entrepreneurs have grasped the real value of the physical workplace and are therefore investing in workplace strategy and management services. The main aim is to help create a synergy between their culture, productivity, and employee experience.

Further it’s noted that, of the 54% of workspace seats that are alternative, 71% are being used within meeting spaces while most being open floor designs. 23% for amenity seats such as cafés, and 6% are “focus” seats that are in enclosed areas free from auditory and visual distractions.

There exists a strong propensity towards consolidating café space to include meeting areas. Offices are being fashioned to support mental and physical opportunities for employees and the wellness space now includes prayer rooms, nap rooms, game rooms, and fitness centres.

It’s observed that, as companies become more paperless, there’s less space allocated for equipment like copier machines as compared to the previous years.

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