It’s not the chair, but the guy sitting on it…

Your furniture maybe right but your office culture maybe wrong. New age offices with grand cabins, fancy colors, gaming areas and gymnasiums are not motivators for employees. In recent times many businesses have witnessed higher attrition rates and unhappy employees.

Research shows modern organisations invest a lot of time, money and energy in building environments that lack culture. After all it is all about the culture.

Spaces with the apt culture breeds productivity and results in happy employees. Though office aesthetics are crucial the emphasis should be on building job security and work satisfaction. In fact the right culture motivates people to come to work and contribute.

You don’t need big investments. Small yet significant changes could make people happy.  Here are a few things you need to consider before you try to bring about change.
Culture is made by the people. If the staff is outgoing and free you will have an open culture. People only value the legacy and history of the organisation if it is depicted by the employees.  An organisations values are built on peoples beliefs. If  there is negativity about supervision and the company policies you tend to develop a negative perception. Finally it is how you work with your people to have a common philosophy that works towards growth.

The  organization’s culture needs to be established and communicated, especially to the new employees. This helps minus negativity. Your business philosophy and goals should be clear. You need to share them with the employees so they could align and achieve the same. Changing the culture is a process of giving and taking by all members of an organization.


Every employee has different needs and wants. Conventional rewards from the upper management may not always work. In fact many employees get social rewarded from their teams. This leads to close knit team members who eventually create sub-cultures in established systems. The high performing teams are the result of the sub culture they foster.
Successful cultures are those who value people. In the end its all about running a productive business and still having fun.