Colour Psychology and Workplace Productivity

The colour of your office has a colossal effect on your employees’ disposition, productivity and motivation. Therefore, while investing in office spaces, it is essential that you advocate colour psychology throughout the designing process.

Different colours administer different emotional responses depending on the person’s culture and personal experiences. So, it is important to note that not everyone responds to the same colour in the same way. Generally speaking though, yellow invigorates employees, orange ignites creativity and blue and green exercises feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Additionally, the colours used in the office should also reflect the Brand colours. Incorporating Brand colours in the interior of your office space goes a long way for a company to effectively ‘own’ a colour in its sector and provides an enormous competitive advantage, achieving instant recognition.

That’s the power of colour, done right.

Some key takeaways:
1. Utilizing colours in a way for designing a warm welcoming entrance.
2. Making use of specific colours in the interiors to enhance desired behaviours and output.
3. Applying bright colours in collaboration areas to spark inspiration and innovation.
4. Using colours that foster focus and concentration.

Other aspects to consider include considering the employees and their respective undertakings, the size of the office space and the amount of time spent in it and the duration and intensity of the natural light.

That's the power of colour, done right.