8 Office Fitout Trends Very Entrepreneur Must Know

Empowered by state-of-the-art wireless technology, cutting-edge gadgets and advanced computing devices, workers are able to perform anywhere, anytime. And based on this chrysalis in office designs, employers are reducing their office square footage and real estate expenditure.

But despite this virtual connect, employees still apprize face to face interactions as it prompts the conception of many ingenious ideas, processes and plans. Therefore, these new office fitouts include, conference rooms, team rooms, cafes, lounges etc.

The 8 Office Fitout Trends are:
1. Make way for the incredible shrinking workstation.
2. Say goodbye to high partitions and embrace open offices.
3. Manage noise and privacy — and not just through design.
4. Program in more team rooms.
5. Allow for an appropriate amount of flexible space.
6. Design common areas to serve your organizational goals.
7. Use the fitout to embellish your branding.
8. Actively ‘manage presence’

Office Fitout Trends

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